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Quotes إشتقت لرؤيه الالوان الشرقيه الصريحه...مبروك من ملبورن استراليا Quotes
From Melbourne, Australia
To Artist Alaa Lotfy

Quotes Dear Nashwa, Many thanks for including me in your current exhibit, I certinaly wish to be able to update my current bulk of work during my next visit,and keep up with the cutting edge Nashwa Art Store. My Best, Noredin Quotes
Noredin Morgan
Visual Artist

Quotes أستاذة نشوى أنا شاهدت صورتك وقرأت كلماتك ورأيت الفيديو المرفق (قدر استطاعتي تعلمين حالة سرعة الانترنت)ووجدت صورتك قريبة الى القلب، نقول هنا "مهضومة" وأعجبتني الغاليري وصاحبتها وأعمال الذي يعرضون فيها. كما ويشرفي أن تضعي تعليقي أينما تريدين وأن ترسلي لي أعمالكم وأعدك أني إذا زرت القاهرة سأتصل بك وأزورك ولو كنت أعرف كيف أعلق على اللوحات مباشرة لفعلت، لكن كما قلت لك النت هنا غير سريع والفيديو ينزل مقطع مبروك الغاليري لك والمعرض للفنان تحياتي القلبية Quotes
Mona Fayyad
Writer from Lebanon

Quotes Hi Nashwa, Just to let you know that the paintings have indeed arrived and picked by myself few days ago. The two paintings are high quality art of great value. The framed Bahgory painting is a masterpiece (both the painting and the frame) and witnesses for the wealth of experience this painter has. In fact, I have been following his bread Seller paintings for some time. This one seems to be the most complex as it also focuses on the face a preferred subject of Bahgory. The Shahin painting is very, very, very original. It has a great metaphysical quality. looking at it from a Christian view point, I see the face of Mary closing her eyes and wondering about the great responsibility she will have to assume as a mother of a great prophet but also reflecting prospectively on the pain she will have to endure seeing her son tortured then crucified. Please transfer this to artist Shahin. I really feel that I have museum quality peaces. Nadim Quotes
Dr. Nadim Zamar

Quotes I like this web, it has a good, big different collection. it's nice to see my work in artist album. Ahmed Alaa Quotes
Ahmed Alaa

Quotes Initially I thought this is a successful attempt of capturing a traditional scene from an old Egypt that's fading too quickly- then I realized it's from your trip to Turkey. It is interesting the cultural overlaps and obviously not surprising. I am still feeling it too Egyptian [:)] It is intriguing your usage of color; quite bold and lively. I don't know why it surprises me though; maybe because I can't decouple painting from the political climate and thus I find your approach unexpected, but one that's encouraging therefore blooming with ample optimism [:)] Thanks for making my morning a little colorful! I am interested in your rendition of the female in your paintings. On the one hand she is liberated and powerful- not necessarily attempting to impress, on the other hand sometimes unsettling- or is she obscene and awkward, silent and mysterious(ly evil)?! Quotes
To Artist Alaa Lotfy

Quotes وصلني هذا المايل ربما بالصدفة لأني أسكن بيروت ولا بد أن اسمي على المايلنغ ليست ولكني سررت جدا به وتمنيت لو أني أزور القاهرة لأتمكن من مشاهدة معرضك أحببت كلماتك البسيطة والمباشرة التي تدخل القلب ورسومك جميلة جداً أحببت أن أقول لك هذا فلقد شدني شيء ما في هذا المايل وجعلني افتحه حظي جيد منى فياض... كاتبه لبنانيه Quotes
Mona Fayyad
To Artist Alaa Lotfy